!Make a poppy for our display
If you are a knitter or crocheter we would love to receive one or more poppies from you! Guidelines for the poppies, as well as some suggested patterns, can be found below. Instructions for how to get your poppies to us can also be found below.

If you don't knit or crochet, we hold public "wet felting" sessions in the fall, where members of the general public can make a poppy (or two, or three!) for inclusion in our display. It's free, and all materials are provided. Keep an eye out for announcements in local print and social media.

The flowers you make will be included in our display -  it will be getting bigger every year -  and you can also send in a dedication which will be recorded in our memory book.  See the instructions below!

Poppy Guidelines
This is a  hand-made project; the time and care taken in creating each flower is part of the symbolic power of the finished piece. 

Please submit knit, crochet, or wet/needle-felted poppies only. We cannot accept fabric (this includes commercial felt), quilted, ribbon, or embroidered flowers at this time. Commercially-made or plastic flowers can't be accepted either.

Poppies should be red (not pink, purple, or orange) with optional black and/or green centers and/or stamens. Any shade of red is fine; in either wool, cotton or acrylic yarns (or blends). Please use solid, non-shiny colours only; don't use variegated, heathered, striping, metallic, or shiny rayon-type yarns. 

The center of the poppy can be embellished with buttons, beads, and/or embroidery if you like, but please don't use overly shiny or metallic materials such as glitter, sequins, or rhinestones. The finished piece is meant to be sober! Please sew on the embellishments, rather than using glue - glue tends to disintigrate over time and also tends to stiffen the poppy, making it difficult to mount to the backing. 

The ideal poppy size is at least 7.5cm (3 inches) in diameter, to a maximum of 12.5cm (5 inches) across (measure at the widest point as your poppy lays naturally on the table - some poppies will "pop out" - don't flatten it to make it bigger). Don't be too concerned about the size of your poppy - we need a range of sizes for the display.

Knitters and crocheters - please make sure to remove dangling ends of threads from your poppy!

We reserve the right to make the final decision as to which poppies are suitable for use in the final piece. Poppies that are not used will not be returned. 
...If you need a pattern
There are lots of free poppy patterns on the internet. Here are some links:
from an Australian site 
Harlow Council knit and crochet poppies
more from the Great Lakes
downloadable pdf of some of our favourite patterns... ​​

If you need a little help, drop by the Cosy Yarns shop at the New Westminster River Market (upstairs)! On the 11th of every month, the shop hosts "poppy-making" sessions. Contact Cosy Yarns here .

We will also host public wet-felting sessions, where members of the general public can make a poppy for our display (no knitting or crocheting skills required, all materials provided). We'll announce them in local print, online, and social media and here on the website, and we usually hold them in the fall.
?Done with your poppy
When you have finished your poppy or poppies, identify each of them with the following:
- name and city of the person who made the poppy
- name and city of the submitter (could be different from the person who made the poppy, and could be a group or organization)
- optionally include your dedication by using the form on this page, below.
Unfortunately we can't accept handwritten dedications - we simply do not have the manpower to read and type in handwritten notes! Please, use the online form below.
Slip everything into an envelope and mail it to:
The Poppy Project
727 McKay Street
New Westminster BC
Canada V3L 4T6
If you live in the Lower Mainland, you may also drop your poppies off at:

Cosy Yarns (2nd floor above the Food Court, top of the escalator)
New Westminster River Market
The River Market is steps away from the New Westminster Skytrain station. If the shop is closed, toss your poppies over the top of the door!

!Dedicate your poppy
We would love to have you dedicate your poppy or poppies!
We want to collect the dedications and publish them somehow, perhaps in a "memory book" to accompany the mounted poppies, or as part of a photo album on this website. Dedications can be up to 50 words long, and can be made to any person or group, of any nationality. They can cover any event, group, or person (deceased or not) relating to any armed conflict that your family or group has had experience of.
Please note that you must make a poppy submission in order to make a dedication. If you are not able to make a poppy yourself, you may have someone else make one for you. We will not accept dedications without at least one accompanying flower. Organizations (ex. Legion branches, service clubs, etc) are welcome to make dedications as long as they provide one or more flowers.